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Welcome To Our Website

Some of our library with a glimpse of the Snakes and Ladders game on the ceiling

Welcome to our website. Please check back often as we upgrade and improve it. Also on our blog we are now talking about games, special offers and will be arranging RPG sessions.



About us

Dice And A Slice is a very small board games cafe located in sun drenched Ilfracombe’s High Street.

Easily found, we are half a dragon’s length from the petrol station, with a very eye catching shop sign. (Dear Weights and Measures person, please don’t actually check that, as the petrol station may not survive a close encounter with a dragon),

What is a Board Games Cafe?

A Board Games Cafe is, of course, a cafe, we do serve superb lose leaf teas, great coffee, pizzas, jacket potatoes, paninis, nachos etc. and of course, CAKE.

All this is basically “so far, so normal”, but we also play games, lots of games. For a small fee, you can access our library of over 500 games. Need help playing them, not a problem, if we are not busy we will sit with you and help you learn and get you started with a new game, or if we don’t know ourselves we will learn with you. If we don’t have a game that you want to play, bring in your own copy and just use our space to play it at no charge, don’t be surprised if one of us wants to play too, its a great way to find games that we should add to the library.

We also offer the following……..

Sell new games.

Occasionally sell second hand games.

Try and source replacement parts for your games.

Rent outdoor games in the summer.

We do try and be as inclusive as we can, so are continuing to work on improving our service for all. However unaccompanied under 16’s are not allowed.

We realise that cost is always an issue. So we have a loyalty card scheme,  for infrequent visitors, pay for six sessions and the seventh is on us. And for frequent players a membership scheme . Both aimed at making your visits more affordable.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd just in case you thought board games are boring or for kids