And we are actually off and running

Having managed to actually make a website that sort of looks OK, I suppose now is the time to actually start to use the blogging part.

Why a Board Games Cafe? We have always liked playing games as a family, and we had a huge collection squirreled away around the house. Then a few years ago we started noticing that Board Games Cafes were cropping up around the world, they were becoming an actual thing, we went to a few. We liked what we saw and had a few thoughts of our own, and decided that if we were ever to start a business………Nearly a year later, by chance, Carole was getting her nails done and chatting away with her Nail Tec who remarked that the place we were in now is coming up for rent. We made some inquiries, did some thinking, and thought “if not now, when?”. So we rented the place, started refitting it to our needs, and we now have a Board Games Cafe.