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Lockdown Lifting Soon, We Hope

At the moment it looks like the lockdown will be partially lifted in May, at which point we will be restarting our D&D sessions in the evenings and looking at perhaps doing some in the afternoons at weekends. This will of course depend on client feedback, so don’t be shy if you are interested let us know then we can try and make arrangements.

The sessions will be limited in numbers again, a DM and five players using our screened table. We will in addition reinstate our other safety measures, sanitizer, masks on when not in your booth, hotspot cleaning of the loo between uses, using the fogging machine to sanitize the whole place between sessions, cleaning money, temperature checks on arrival etc.

We expect the guidance to be issued about 10 minutes before we reopen, again, so its all subject to change at absolutely no notice. And we may have to delay for a day r two, just to make sure that we really have done all the new paperwork, the last lot was a stack nearly 30mm thick.

In June its possible that we will be returning to a more normal situation, however its entirely possible that we will still have social distancing limitations imposed on us all. This may mean that we are stuck with the limitations we already have. As your genial, but very broke, hosts we would ideally like to pack in a few more clients. But we may not be able to for many months yet, some of those very clever people at SAGE are saying that some of the rules may stay with us until the end of 2022, and we listen to these people much more carefully than I listen to Boris and co.

We anticipate maintaining the current cleaning and checking regime for the rest of the year at least. Sorry if that is a nuisance but we do have to be  careful, both Carole and Mac are currently on the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable list as are many of our regular clients. And having your temperature taken is no big deal. We do have the advantage, for the initial stages at least, of only opening to our regulars who are by definition local and the local incidence of C19 has always been amongst the lowest in the UK.

Again the caveat regarding compliance with the new rules should be borne in mind.

We will be speaking to DM’s, arranging a schedule, filling places etc. soon. We expect that at least some of these will be restarting altogether, rather than trying to continue where they left off. We will then contact our regulars to offer places, any left we will advertise on local Facebook gaming groups.

We are so looking forward to getting the games library back on the shelves where it belongs, and opening for general gaming. What looks like a bumper year for holidaying in the UK would be just the thing to put a smile on the bank managers face, if we can allow them in.

Anyway, please watch this space and our Facebook page and our D&D group page (if you are a member) to keep up to date with what we are trying to do.

Stay safe

The Team at Dice And A Slice