Monthly Archives: May 2021

Opening soon!

Right then, team meetings have happened, paperwork is being printed and worked on. Stage one of re-opening will be happening soon. And today, Boris is due to say yes or no to the process going ahead.

And he has said yes, we can open. Rule of six applies still, but its a real step in the right direction.  We can open the table up for the RPG players, they will still be in booths but at least they will be face to face. If things continue like this we can re-open properly in June.

So we will be opening on Monday for retail and our RPG groups. We are starting to get very excited about it all around here. We already have full groups on 6 days a week and are working on numbers seven and eight now.

We will still be offering free local delivery for our retail sales, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you want one.