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Adventures In The Forgotten Realms

Yes Adventures In The Forgotten Realms will be with us on July the 23rd.


We have blogged about this before  Here. And yes we are exited by this idea. This is a meeting of both of Wizards Of The Coast‘s big games in a playable form.

Now we have done some more research on this and have come up with these links to show you whats coming.

The Mechanics link 

This is, we think, the first of several posts from the people at MTG on the subject. Each will probably expand on the last, so keep an eye on their site.

Artwork  link

Which we think is pretty cool. The previews also gives an idea of some of the various cards strengths and powers. There are some familiar faces there for the D&D fans.

The “I Just want the video for now” Link 

Not sure about the MTG side of things? Basically WOTC want to use Adventures In The Forgotten Realms to try and get D&D players to give MTG a try and vice versa. in addition to the MTG stuff, there is something for the D&D players. Expect a five episode adventure for mid level (8 to 10) players released as a Print N Play from Wizards for no cost. Each chapter is expected to be 15 to 20 pages long. See here. When we get hold of a link for it we will publish it. And if anyone needs access to a printer we are planning help there as well.

We will be offering the following Adventures In The Forgotten Realms products

  • Commander Decks, both singularly and as a full set of four
  • Draft booster packs and boxes
  • Bundle boxes
  • See here for more details and pricing
  • We will also be offering, as a service,  to print out the  Adventures In The Forgotten Realms D&D scenarios and put them into a ring binder for £8.00 a set as soon as we can access the files. We will update on our Facebook page when we can start.
  • In stock now we have Gamegenic Prime clear card sleeves in MTG size for £2.50 per pack of 50
  • We also now stock Gamegenic Deck Holder’s 80+ in various colours for £2.00 each

Don’t forget our Free Local Deliveries service, we look forward to hearing from you, please remember that if we do not get our order in promptly for this one it may not be filled.