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More Adventures In The Forgotten Realms

The release of Adventures In The Forgotten Realms is nearly here. So we thought we would have a quick trawl around to find some more information for you and share it here.

We have already posted about this a couple of times, the first is here, the second is here.

Product Links

For more details on classes click here. For a video click here.

More video? Try this.

Shortage? Click here.


In our first blog on this release we detailed the selection of standard items we would be ordering and our prices. We also said that we would not be buying very much for stock, but would order in to match our customers requirements. The window for pre-ordering and the discounts we are offering our members will close soon. Our final order for this release will go in on Monday the 12th at midday, after that we may not be able to get it for weeks.

Our Prices

The Bundle

  • 10 Adventures In The Forgotten Realms draft boosters
  • 20 foil land cards
  • 20 non-foil land cards
  • 1 foil promo card
  • 1 D20 (not the usual countdown die)
  • 3 oversized dungeon cards
  • £36.00, £33.00 for our members

Commander Deck Display

  • Set of 4 different decks
  • 1 display Commander card
  • 2 foil legendary cards
  • 98 additional Magic The Gathering cards
  • 10 Tokens
  • 1 life wheel
  • £130.00, £120 for our members.

Commander Decks

  • Dungeons Of Death
  • Planar Portal
  • Aura Of Courage
  • Draconic Rage
  • £35.00 each or £31.50 each for members
  • Delivered copies are a randomly selected pack, if you want a specific one you will have to come in for it.

Draft Booster packs

  • 15 cards in each pack
  • Box 36 packs £110.00, £100 for our members.
  • Individual packs £4.00

The discounts we offer for our members offer will end on the 12th.

Adventures In The Forgotten Realms, The D&D Scenarios

Wizards Of The Coast announced a series of 5 D&D scenarios to accompany this release,  The first one is here. And as soon as we see others we will post links to them. We will also be offering to print them out for you as a service to those who do not have access to a printer for 8 pounds,