Gygax Day Raffle Prizes part one

More about the Gygax Day Raffle prizes

Our Gygax day raffle prizes are many, varied and really rather nice. And with tickets at only 50p each, worth a go. The draw will be held at 1730 (ish) on the 24th of July 2022 at the cafe. Tickets are available at the cafe, but we may sell them elsewhere, we will let you know. We are also pursuing other possible contributors to the prize pile.

All proceeds from the raffle go to

Over and above logo
over and above logo

A Deck Of Rumours

Deck of rumours
Deck of rumours

Carole sweet talked one of these from Unlimited Realms Ltd, it is basically a way of randomising a notice board, the local barmaids gossip, etc.  Handy to introduce side quests into a campaign, or to collect an artifact needed for the main story. And is a brilliant aid for DM’s needing ideas. And we were so impressed with it that we intend stocking some soon.

A Roll Up Dice Tray

Scroll dice store and roll up tray
Scroll dice store and roll up tray

It unrolls from a scroll to become a dice tray, with a zipped dice store.

A Dice 3D Printed, Dragon Faced, Dice Holder

Dragon face screw top dice holder
Dragon face screw top dice holder

One of Mac’s attempts at 3D printing, this black dice holder has 7 dice slots. And as he is working on a new, in house, design, its probably unique.

The Stranger Things D&D Starter Set

Stranger Things D&D starter set

This really need no introduction, and it include two pre-painted mini’s.

Wooden Dice Holder

Made from hardwood and designed to hold the standard sized 7 dice set, held closed with magnets.

So drop into the cafe and buy a few Gygax Day Raffle tickets, its for a great cause too.

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We will publish more information about the games and the prizes soon.