More Gygax Day Raffle Prizes

The Gygax Day Raffle prizes, part two

Our Gygax day raffle prizes are many, varied and really rather nice. And with tickets at only 50p each, worth a go. The draw will be held at 1730 (ish) on the 24th of July 2022 at the café. Tickets are available at the café, but we may sell them elsewhere, we will let you know. We are also pursuing other possible contributors to the prize pile.

All proceeds from the raffle go to

Over and above logo
over and above logo

A wooden dice box that turns into a tower.

wooden dice box and tower

We found this at the UKGE, and thought it would make a great raffle prize. Folds flat and seems to have room for quite a few dice, held closed by magnets.

wooden dice box and tower

Folds up to this cool dice tower with tray, again holds in place with magnets.

Midnight, Legacy Of Darkness book

Midnight, legacy of darkness book

Donated by those very nice people at Asmodee. This book describes an entire world, and adventures within it, that can be used with fifth edition core rules.

KIP Prints Part one

These are fabulous, we came across them on our travels, and the artist has very kindly signed them for us. There will be more of these later.

A dwarven Articefer

KIP print

A Dwarven Artificer if we ever saw one

Mac’s favourite one, the expression is perfect.

Recreation for dragons

The stage!

Swan lake.

Now here is a brilliant character idea for someone.

Dice caddy/jail

We have two of these 3D printed, screw topped items. I managed to get 17 D10’s in one and still close the lid, so they are quite roomy.

Dice caddy

Still to come

We have more prints, battle map books, dice (if they get here) etc. Look out for part three of the prize list.

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