Gygax Day Event

Gygax Day has been and gone and our Gygax Day Event was a very successful day for us, some figures.

11 Games

We were planning 12, but one of our DM’s had to leave in a hurry for a family problem. So we rolled his players into another game to make sure that they were not disjointed.

40 Players

We had many players on the day, with some playing 2 or even 3 games. And in the end we had sold 40 seats.

331 Raffle Tickets sold

And 35 prizes given.

Below is a link to our newsletter for the day.

gygax day news

Overall, Gygax Day went well for us as a team. We managed to make some very happy players and DM’s. We also introduced some players to DM’s that they had never played with before, giving them the chance to compare them. And, who knows,  perhaps joining an additional campaign with them later in the year. We do try and be as flexible as we can for this, and have no problems with a single player in more than one campaign.

The spirit of Gygax lives on. The future of D&D with us.

We are planning a series of “one shots” once the tourist season is over to give some first time DM’s an audience and players. Gygax day laid some of the foundations for that.

Peter, our most experienced DM is bringing a couple of Gygax modules written in the days of AD&D, kicking and screaming into the world of 5e, with a twist or two as a nod to their roots.

Lydia is going to be starting a short campaign soon. It will be her first, but as she has been playing the game pretty much all her life, we really expect to see her excel at it. Emma will also, we hope, be starting a campaign soon, at the moment it looks like she is moving house.

We will also be restarting our D&D for beginners course, we find running it in the summer is counterproductive, as everyone wants to go to the beach instead.

Exiting times ahead.