Dungeons & Dragons Weekend mini-breaks

Dragon in a tree
Dragon in a tree

We are offering Dungeons & Dragons mini-breaks here in Ilfracombe.

Why Dungeons & Dragons mini-breaks?

We run quite a lot of D&D here at the Cafe. And have 6 sessions a week at the moment. So we have some experience in this area. We are also running a Gygax day event. And we have restarted our popular D&D beginners courses last September.

Dungeons & Dragons game in progress
Dungeons & Dragons game in progress

The package

The venue will be The Carlton Hotel right here in Ilfracombe, and the game will be played in the hotel’s library. The package will include

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Evening meals (three courses)on Friday and Saturday
  • Full English breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
  • Light lunch (two course)on Saturday and Sunday
  • All day hot beverages
  • A very experienced DM to guide you along your way, manage the game and try and ensure that everyone enjoys a balanced game.
  • We can assign characters to you or you can bring your own.
  • The basics required for play, dice, pencils, paper.
  • Online access via Facebook messenger to the DM in advance of the weekend for any queries you may have regarding your character, or asking for a ready made one.

The Games


We will be holding a weekend for absolute beginners, which we will limit to just 4 players to enable us to provide enough support and teach you to play as you go.

More experienced players

Our games are limited to a maximum of 6 players to ensure that you get the most from a game. We will be offering  different scenarios


You would arrive at the hotel on Friday afternoon/evening, check in and eat. Then around 1900 we would have a session zero, where everyone introduces themselves and their character, characters stats are checked, and the players get an opportunity to meet the rest of their team.

On Saturday, after breakfast, you would continue the adventure and play, with breaks. Then reconvene until its time for dinner,  playing on afterwards.

On Sunday, after breakfast, you would complete the adventure and in the afternoon you would go home.

The games

Without giving too much away, yes you will meet in a tavern, probably, in truth we are developing new story’s all the time.

We plan to be very old school in these first events, to minimize referring to rule books too much and help the flow of play. So we will be limiting the races and classes somewhat to facilitate this.

We will also be using the excellent John Stavropoulos  X card system, this is an established RPG safety system allowing players to “edit” the game in the unlikely event that the subject matter is upsetting them.

Your partner does not want to play?

This is not a problem, they can stay with you at the hotel and enjoy North Devon while you are playing. There are some amazing walks around the area and fantastic scenery. There are also many golf clubs close by.  A working harbour, Verity (you will know when you have found her), Broomhill sculpture gardens, art gallery’s and small distinctly local shops.

The cost

Dungeons & Dragons mini-break £399 per player

In a single, twin or double room

Dungeons & Dragons mini-break £249 per non player

In a single twin or double room

Register your interest

Since predicting what may happen this winter in relation to Covid is difficult at the moment. We don’t want to start taking bookings until we are sure that they can be delivered on.

We are now sending out emails with dates.

So, instead, we are just asking for you to give us an email address. No other details are required and this in no way commits you to anything except showing that you are interested in the idea. We will email the people on the list with full details of dates and see who wants to come and play.

Register your interest here

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