Dungeons & Dragons Team Building Events

We are looking at offering Dungeons & Dragons team building events here in Ilfracombe.

Dragon in a tree
Dragon in a tree

Why Engage In Team Building?

You like the idea of being able to offer training to your people that can help them achieve the following skills both as teams and as individuals:-

  • Conflict resolution
  • Acquisitions
  • Bridge the generation gap in your workforce
  • Proactive risk mitigation
  • Asset management
  • Public relations
  • Bonding as a group
  • Better understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategic and tactical analysis
  • Work as part of a multi-skilled team
  • Handle special projects in special ways

After all if they improve and work better together both you, and they, benefit from it.

But its a bit stale?

Are you tired of the same Team Building and Bonding exercises? Same ropes and planks, different field? Tired of getting cold and wet? Death by PowerPoint not for you? Same stuff every time, nothing new coming from it? Team building exercises can seem to feel like that now don’t they? Often leaving you frustrated at the really quite poor return for your investment and your people resentful that they have to do the same stuff as last time all over again. They can also leave the team members with health and mobility issues feeling resentful, bullied, discriminated against or left out. I think everyone has got used to the stock answers (stand on a chair as well as sit on it), the arm wrestling without actually arm wrestling to signify co-operation, I could go on but you are already bored.

On the other hand you do know that ongoing development, investment in people and refresher training really does work, when you get it right. After all, the experts do seem to be agreed on this question. And the Government is so convinced about training that it offers various incentives to help you provide it.

An Alternative method?

We really can help. Role play has long been a proven and accepted as a good way to deliver worthwhile training, both for individuals and to help team cohesion. We offer the chance for your team to do something that will NEVER be the same twice. Ensures that team members with mobility issues can fully take part, and not feel left out. PowerPoint is not usually required. Your team actually need to think, to solve problems, to negotiate with others, and sometimes, just know when to poke a goblin with a sword.

You stay dry as well.

Why use Dungeons & Dragons to build your team?

It deals with all the above points and more, as the narrative changes, so do the options. Based on your requirements, we can draft a story line, map the area, populate it with people and creatures (good and bad), and then design characters for your team to play as they move through it all towards a specific objective.  Or we can just serve up something from our library of scenarios.

We avoid the theatrics, you wont get someone in a dodgy looking cloak sitting between some big dribbly candles, unless you ask for it. You do get experienced DM’s and, if  required, extra players to expand on your team, to help it on its way and even to oppose it. We can also, on request, supply feedback on how your team has done along the way.

So, what do we know about it then?

Lifetime games players. We run quite a lot of D&D here at the Cafe. And after nearly 3 years trading, we have 6 sessions a week at the moment. So we have learned a lot about the mechanics of the game, and gained a lot of all around experience in arranging and supervising it. We would normally also be running a Gygax day event, but have decided that we should not have a major event this year. And we are also going to restart our popular free D&D beginners courses in September, we run these several times a year, in normal circumstances. We have a large group of DM’s at various levels of experience and many other experienced players who can come in to fill a particular role.

Dungeons & Dragons game in progress
Dungeons & Dragons game in progress

The Cafe is a family business and Mac has had to look at a career change. After 40 years at sea, 22 in command, he has had to move ashore for health reasons. But it does mean that he is well placed to look at your team and provide meaningful feedback. In fact we can tailor a complete package to your schedule, training outcomes, PPE requirements and location choice, not ours.

The basic package

The venue

The venue will be The Carlton Hotel right here in Ilfracombe. A venue that rightly enjoys an enviable and very well earned reputation for its hospitality. The game will be played in the hotel’s library. The basic package will include

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Evening meals (three courses)
  • Full English breakfasts
  • Light lunch (two course)
  • All day hot beverages
  • A Devon cream tea in the first afternoon

The game

  • A very experienced DM to guide you along your way, manage the game and try and ensure that everyone enjoys a balanced game. Rather than try and bamboozle players with the rules “as written” they will employ the “rule of cool” to keep things progressing.
  • A brand new basic scenario and story line would be utilized for returning teams every time, no repeats of the same stuff.
  • We will assign a selection of characters to your team to chose from, more experienced teams may, of course, develop their own.
  • The basics required for play, dice, pencils, paper and some advance literature including This link to Wizards Of The Coast, the owners and publishers of D&D, website where the core rules are available to download free of charge, to help your team understand the basics in advance.
  • Online access via Facebook messenger to the DM in advance of the event for any queries your team members may have regarding how to play. We will also try and use Zoom for the same reason.


You would arrive at the hotel in the afternoon/evening, check in and meet. We would have a session zero, where everyone is introduced to the DM and their characters are introduced to them. Characters stats are explained, along with a few other points regarding play.

The following day, after breakfast, you would start the adventure itself and play, with breaks, until its time for a cream tea. Then reconvene until its time for dinner,  after dinner you can have a look at the local night life.

Then on the last day, after breakfast, you would complete the adventure and in the afternoon you would go home.

The game

Without giving too much away, yes you will meet in a tavern.  And as already stated these exercises would be never be the same twice

We plan to be very old school in these events, to minimize referring to rule books too much and help the flow of play. So we will be limiting the races and classes somewhat to facilitate this. It also keeps the whole game at the sort of level inexperienced players would expect. So medieval technology, with magic, some different flora and fauna, etc. thrown in.

We will also be using the excellent John Stavropoulos  X card system, this is an established RPG safety system allowing players to “edit” the game in the unlikely event that the subject matter is upsetting them. Players would be briefed on how it works as part of the session zero.

Your team is bringing partners who will not be playing?

This is not a problem, they can stay with you at the hotel and enjoy North Devon while you are playing. There are some amazing walks around the area and fantastic scenery. There are also many golf clubs close by.  A working harbour, Verity (you will know when you have found her), Broomhill sculpture gardens, art gallery’s and small distinctly local shops.

The basic cost

Dungeons & Dragons team building £399 per player

Based on a group of 6 players. In single, twin or double rooms in November, we expect January to a little cheaper. We realise that this is slightly more expensive than our standard weekend break, but mid week hotel costs are different and the additional literature and time spent by the DM in advance of the event will also increase costs.

Dungeons & Dragons team building £249 per non player

Bolt On’s

Depending on what your actual requirements are, we can add to the basic package and supply a quote based on this. For example these may include, but are not limited to :-

  • Extra days on the event
  • Extra nights at the hotel
  • Additional characters
  • Copies of the official Players Handbooks
  • Running  additional, shorter “one shot” scenarios with specific aims and objectives
  • Running several “one shots”, with different DM’s to encourage the team to adapt to the new environment each new DM brings.
  • Events in the tourist high season, during which the Hotel costs will be much higher
  • We can also print the core rules (180 pages) out for your players

We can, if you prefer, completely tailor a package to suit you, with us coming to you to deliver it.

Register your interest

However, since predicting what may happen this winter in relation to Covid is difficult at the moment. We don’t want to start taking bookings until we are sure that they can be delivered on. We want both you and your team to be safe. So, instead, we are just asking for you to give us an email address. No other details are required and this in no way commits you to anything except showing that you are interested in the idea.

If you wish to know more, or just start things moving now, please email us at diceandasliceilfracombe@gmail.com

So what will it be for your next training event? The “rule of cool” or wobbly arm wrestling? We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading about Dungeons & Dragons team building all the way to the bottom

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