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Macs Photography blog   About more than just photography now, it has changed into much more of a diary. In it he talks about photography, cooking, cancer, ILNESS X (its a teaser, read the blog) and other things.

And if we don’t put in at least one internal link the plastic brain running our online stuff sulks, so here is a link back to The Big Box.

Outside Shot
Outside Shot

Other stuff

Games Galore Ilfracombe   An amazing local group that encourages games play by people of all ages and abilities, they meet on Tuesday afternoons at The Lantern community center, just along the High Street from us.

The Meeplin Guide map   A google map designed to help you find places like ours all over the UK

Discover Ilfracombe   The towns directory of local businesses and things to do

Silk Crystal Street Art  These are the guys who made our shop sign

Blue Poppy Publishing is run by Oliver Tooley, one of our regular Dungeon Masters. He also writes his own books and publishes books written by mostly local authors. The blog can be quite absorbing.

Fan Boy Three is a fabulous place to go if you are in the Manchester area. Its run by some of the most passionate gamers around.

The Ludoquist is another wonderful place, especially if you happen to be in Croydon, South London. Really good coffee a very important thing for Mac.

Tanuki Gaming a relatively new Board Games cafe run by 2 very passionate guys in Deptford.

Taylored Games is in Kingsbridge, South Devon and is a fabulous place to hang out for a while and play a few games while you are at it.

Greenhouse Water Gardens is a family run aquatic center in Romford that also sells games and hosts regular games nights. Its run by some of the most wonderful people we know who currently hold the “Til Late” closing record of 0140.

Ilfracombe Focus a local magazine that we advertise in.