Our Games Journey

Our Games Journey, how did this all begin for us?

Like most people Carole and Mac  have played games since they were kids. But unlike many they didn’t stop playing and have always been games players. They are members of Games Galore, a local gaming group, and play with other groups that meet locally.  Unlike others, they had a couple of wardrobes full of games at home. And they were also aware of the really huge popularity of board games and the sheer number of games out there.

Then, back in 2017 they were in Melbourne, Australia. When they came across a board games cafe, called The Queen Of Spades, and loved the place, and thought what a great idea and then spent a long while talking about it. Thinking it was doable if they could meet certain conditions. It had to be local to them, as they didn’t fancy moving and it had to be affordable. Mac was working full time, so that meant Carole would be on her own a lot but with Dom, their son, helping out.

On the back burner

It went onto the back burner for a while, other things were going on. Then, one day while getting her nails done, Carole heard that a high street shop was going to become available. She made some enquiries and found that the place was affordable and just about big enough for the cafe. So they went for it.

It took several months of hard work getting the place ready, But in September 2018 they opened the doors to Dice And A Slice Ilfracombe.

They asked the local people what name they preferred from a short list of two, 85% chose Dice And A Slice.

Still here

After 3 years and 3 lockdowns they still pride themselves on having a solid customer base and, so they are told, a fantastic customer service experience. Just check their Tripadviser, Facebook and Google reviews.

They have now accumulated a library of over 600 games, both childhood favorites and modern. The library is added too almost every week, and they also now have a retail games shop with over 300 titles, something for everyone.

The Cafe also now host’s a variety of Role Playing Games, most notably Dungeons and Dragons.