Our Team

 And just for the record, our team ALWAYS has initiative

At its core we have the McGill family, Carole, Dom and Mac. As a rule at least one of us will be there whenever we are open. Carole and Mac are both general gamers and can usually guide you through a game or indeed, if time permits, play with you. Dom can do our more popular games, but is more a Magic The Gathering kind of guy, but he is pretty good with KeyForge as well.

We also have some awesome volunteers who help us out with the more specialist stuff and give us a hand with the general gaming stuff as well when we are a bit short handed.


Chris leads our, hopefully growing, team of Dungeon Masters for Dungeons and Dragons. His role is basic training of new players, for details of this check the D&D page, and acting as the oversight for our campaign DM’s to ensure continuity for our players. We currently have six intermediate groups running weekly.


Tanya helps out with service etc. and assists Carole with running our weekly craft club