Specialist RPG Sessions

In addition to general gaming, we also host the following regular events Places are very limited, please contact us and we will try and accommodate you if we can. We are currently hosting 8 RPG sessions a week, and are investigating numbers 9 and 10 as well as restarting the beginners sessions when we can.

Dungeons and Dragons

Our beginners course is normally held on a Tuesday,  starting at 1800. This is on hold for now, once the lockdowns are over we will be looking at restarting them.

We host several intermediate and advanced groups as well, playing 6 days a week starting at 1900.

Pulp Cthulhu

We also host Pulp Cthulhu on a Tuesday at 1930

Both of these must be booked in advance as we have a very high demand and we will only normally allow six people in a group to maximise the experience for our players.

Other RPG’s

There are so many, we have an invitation only group that meets on a Monday who play various RPG’s other than D&D.

We are also investigating other RPG’s all the time, to see if we can get enough players to make scheduling the games worthwhile.

We are also planning a series of Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks games to tie in with the towns Victorian/STeampunk events in June


The X card system

In light of a rather unfortunate event recently we will be using the X card system in all future RPG games.

These games are set in fantasy worlds, and violence, insanity (central to a lot of horror based scenarios) , and plot twists happen. Before the game kicks off the DM will give you a rough idea, without giving the plot away, of what to expect. You can at this point withdraw from the game if you wish, and we wont mind. And you will then be given a card with an X on one side and a smiley on the other.

The idea is, if you are distressed wave the X side at the DM, who will then hurry things along and get you out of that situation. If its something you are enjoying, wave the smiley at the DM, who will try and stretch that section out if he can. We will then have a chat with you at the end of the session to see what the issues or really good bits were and amend things for your group moving forward.