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Gygax Day

Sunday 24th July 2022.

Our pre Covid Gygax day raised 185 pounds for Pete’s Dragons, then the Pandemic happened. After the shut downs and lock ins, we are bringing the event back, and this year we hope to do better.

So what is Gygax Day all about?

Gary Gygax was the coauthor of the original Dungeons & Dragons game. The game is based on other games that he, and others produced prior to this. Unfortunatly he is no longer with us, but fans of D&D like to celibrate his birthday by playing his game. This has further evolved into becoming a charity fund raiser. With similar events taking place around the world on roughly the same day. His birthday is actually the 27th, but to make life easier for all concerned, we are staging this years event on the 24th.

A new charity

This year we will be supporting

Over and above logo
over and above


A local charity that supports the NHS and in particular a place called The Fern Center.

All seat fees, raffle proceeds and half of the cafe’s food and drink sales (we do still have to buy the stuff) will go to this charity.

Dungeons & Dragons

Is an incredibly popular Role Playing Game.

What are we doing on the day?

We are holding a total of 12 games over the day, all one shots with pre-generated characters. These are priced at 4 pounds a seat with all seat fees going to Over and above.

We are also having a D&D related raffle, tickets are 50p each, with all proceeds going to Over and above. Prizes will be talked about in another post but will include dice carriers, small battle map books, some rather lovely prints that we hope to have signed by the artist, the Stranger Things D&D Starter Set and many others.

And, as D&D is not the only Role Playing Game, we will be giving away various Free RPG Day items, that act as introductions to other RPG’s.


We expect the games to fill quickly, so booking early is advised, this is best done in person as we ask for payment at the time of booking. Your seat will only be saved for you when you pay. However if you are unable to come in before hand contact us and we will try and sort something out.

The Raffle

Tickets are 50p each and are avalible at the cafe, again if you are unable to get here contact us and we will see what we can do.

We do lots of D&D here at Dice And A Slice

D&D sessions

D&D mini Breaks

And our free D&D beginners courses

We will publish more information about the games and the prizes soon.