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They asked some of our customers what they thought and sent us this synopsis.

Lovely people, great service and help with the games. Has kept going through lockdown with great advice and deliveries. Plus they do some fab cakes!Always friendly and helpful, and the cakes are fantastic. Throughout lockdown and to be honest since opening, dice and a slice has been a steady rock on which more than a few of the town have come to love. Mac, Carole and Dominic McGill are always there to help in any way they can be that help teach you a new boardgame, a chat with coffee and their delicious cake or playing host to a number of nerdy individuals who need a venue to host D&D among other things. The owners, Carol, Mac and Dom, have been a staple of the community. Their quaint café has been the centre of gatherings and various events, which has brought like-minded (and sometimes introverted) people together. Even in the face of difficulty (lockdown, medical issues, etc.) they have put themselves forward for those they care about, both regulars and newcomers alike. Customer joy has been their number one priority, and they deserve all the recognition they deserve. Not only is this their passion, they have truly brought anyone who wanders through their doors into the fold and from the first conversation make them feel welcomed and after a few visits part of the family. During these trying times we need more businesses to take this approach and be appreciated for the hidden gems they truly are. Even whilst battling their own health problems both Mac and Carole have gone above and beyond using the Facebook groups set up to help organise tabletop nights to ensure we are all safe, well and in a good frame of mind and if an individual isn’t they help in any way they are able. This alone I feel makes them more than deserving. They have built a great community among the games lovers of ilfracombe. Lovely atmosphere. A great gaming cafe that has created a great community around it. Fab family place with the most supportive staff especially during lockdown, amazing selection of board games and cakes to eat along side running local games of dungeons and dragons and Call of Cthulhu RPG in the evenings. Love the place! Carol, Mac and Dom are just fabulous people, running their own business at this time. They’ve been the hearts of our Thursdays helping us learn and play DnD whilst also providing some amazing cake! We miss you guys, see you when lockdown is over!”