The Big Box

The Big Box version, in board gaming terms, is the original basic game and a compilation of all the expansions in a single box. These can be massive packages. But in some cases you just get a large empty box. In others, like this page, you get all the goodies, the massive box stuffed with bits.

Here we will summarize the latest happenings in our blog, social media pages and website updates. And we plan to update it monthly to keep it fresh. Thanks to Mac’s attempts to get to grips with the 21st century, we now know that it is what the web designers call a cornerstone page.

The Big Box of site updates

This is the bit where we tell you about the latest changes to the site.

At the moment Covid 19 is the thing that is causing us to make the most changes.  And we will continue to update you on this as we go along, the most recent is  here.

We have written two new pages for our site. The first is here and talks about our trial of D&D min-breaks here in Ilfracombe. The second is here and talks about team building and training sessions using D&D.

Click the link for our first ever newsletter –

newsletter July 21 is here

The Big Box of Blog stuff

In Getting ready for the next stage out of lockdown, we discus our work to deal with the threat of Covid 19 here, but that is already outdated. We will post soon regarding the new rules and what we will be doing about them.

In Here We Go!, we briefly noted our thoughts on the road ahead here.

We talked about the next edition of Magic The Gathering cards, Adventures In The Forgotten Realms. It looks really good and Dom, a seriously big MTG fan, is incredibly exited by it, we have put together some deals for this edition and details are in the blog entry.

And we talked about games for traveling here  and some more here.

And we drooled over the 15th Anniversary edition of Ticket To Ride Europe.

Ticket To Ride 15th Anniversary Edition
Ticket To Ride 15th Anniversary Edition

The Big Box of external links

This is where we share links to game publishers and designers that have recently caught our eye. We may well have blogged about them or mentioned them in Sliced! as well.

We have now become a dotcom as well

Ollie, one of our DM’s has done a guest blog for us, he also writes books and is a publisher. Blue Poppy Publishing is his.

We are advertising in the Ilfracombe Focus, a very local magazine. Have a look. We also are listed as one of their recommended things to do on a rainy day.

Looking Ahead

We are now working on a Newsletter and hope to have issue 1 in circulation by the end of July.

Fully re-opening? We are working on the details now. We are also planning to restart our D&D for beginners course in September, pop in and see us to book one of the only four spaces we have for it. This is a very popular course so get in early if you are interested.

Wanna play some D&D
Wanna play some D&D

The big clear out is also coming. We are booking a table at the Big Table Top  Sale in Torrington. Where we will be offering seriously low priced games to clear them out. And selling off some of the unused games in the library as well. We need the funds, and the space, for some new stuff we hope to get.

Descent is getting a new edition in August, it will be available in limited numbers when it does get to the UK we have a couple on order. So if you are interested in a copy let us know, but it will be an expensive game, we are expecting an RRP of £170 but hope to discount it. And it does look fantastic, we may even break our normal “No Legacy Games in the library” rule for this one.


Mac is working on a Digital Marketing course, it has led to many changes and, hopefully, a few improvements around here. Follow his progress.