The threat from Covid 19

We will start to re-open on Monday the 17th of May


Covid 19 Overview

The threat from the Covid 19 virus has not gone away, it is still at large in the community and until a vaccine is in general use it represents a threat to life. It is our intention to put control measures in place that significantly reduce the level of threat from the virus to our customers and staff, while they are in our cafe.

Throughout the lockdown we have been monitoring how the virus is being managed in other countries and tried to take the best examples of this and will employ them ourselves. We have also kept up a dialogue with our regular patrons to make sure that they are happy with the measures we have put in place.

We will be monitoring the local risk level using such services as the BBC’s coronavirus area map and how many cases are in your area. As well as the NHS and local authority websites. If the risk seems to be increasing substantially, we will again close until the levels have reduced.

At present. RPG’s will be played in booths sealed from one another and limited to 5 players and a DM. General gaming will be limited to 2 bubbles and 6 people.

We also have a fogging machine to ensure a rapid easy and virus killing clean of all surfaces in the café.

Code of conduct

  • If you have any symptoms of Covid 19, fever, cough, etc. Do not enter, go home, self-isolate and book a test. If you have come into contact with someone who is self -isolating, or has symptoms, in the last 14 days, go home, self-isolate and book a test.
  • Players will have their temperature checked by our thermometer, if its over 37.2 degrees, entry will be refused.
  • D&D is played in a group of 6 booths sealed from one another to enable players to interact as safely as possible.
  • Please do not attempt to circumvent the screens on the booths.
  • Please refrain from shouting
  • Please move straight to your assigned booth/table.
  • Please try and minimize clutter, no character props etc
  • No laptops or other fan cooled devices
  • Please only leave your booth/table to exit the café or go to the loo.
  • If you use the loo, let your server know, as it needs to be cleaned before its next use.
  • When inside the building, please wear a face mask unless you are seated in your booth or if at a table while eating and drinking.
  • Use hand sanitiser, or even better wash your hands with soap and water, on arrival and often afterwards
  • Please follow the directional signs when moving through the café
  • The rear kitchen area is not accessible by the public currently, sorry
  • Please always try and maintain social distancing while moving about
  • We will be requiring your contact details for Track and Trace. We keep this data in written form for 21 days, it will then be destroyed, we will not use this data in any other way.
  • Table service will be provided
  • Smokers are asked to move to the small public area with benches, 8 meters away in the direction of Jeffrey’s newsagent to avoid blocking the pavement
  • Please keep any noise while outside to a minimum
  • Our normal menu is reduced, sorry about this. It will be posted on our website and laminated copies will be available
  • We have decluttered the main areas of the café as much as we can to enable more frequent cleaning. Sorry if this spoils the vibe.